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Sia Pickersgill

Registered Counsellor, Psychotherapist


Boaz Gilboa

Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programing & Counselling


Sia Pickersgill is a registered counsellor with experience working with both teens & adults. She has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology, a Graduate Diploma of Counselling and is currently completing her Masters in Psychotherapy.

She is passionate about promoting a deeper understanding of mental health and supporting people through their unique challenges. She recognises that we all face difficulties at different times throughout our lives and works with each individual to create positive change.

She believes that seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength, wisdom and a movement toward self-awareness; a process which invariably leads to happier and healthier lives.

Sia has special interests in:

  • Anxiety, depression and anger

  • Self-harm and suicidal ideation

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Grief and loss

  • Adolescent counselling from 12 years

  • Domestic violence and sexual abuse

  • Social, behavioural and emotional issues

  • Eating/Food disorders

  • Addictive behaviours


Boaz Gilboa has a Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programing & Counselling. He is a fully insured counselling practitioner. Above all, Boaz is very effective at creating positive change for his clients. He has a talent for asking the big questions in a truly caring, compassionate, and accepting way.


Professional passion: 
Boaz has taken further extensive study in EMDR. His goal is to give back to the world what was so freely given to him… The ability to move past painful experiences that can impact our lives.


Boaz’ revolutionary idea, is that EMDR can be so simple that almost anyone can now do it for themselves, for their friends, and even for their family. Have a go, and if you want extra help, then reach out. Just call or book online.

There are many more evidence-based techniques that Boaz uses, and these include:

  • Internal Family Systems or IFS, based on the work of Dr. Richard Schwartz

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  • Trauma and phobia relief based on the works of Bandler & Grinder

The bottom line is that Boaz wants you to move past your emotional pain and difficulties more easily, and more quickly than you ever imagined possible.

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