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What is IFS?

IFS stands for Internal Family Systems. It is a fairly new form of therapy, but the results already seem outstanding.

The idea goes like this:

  • Our personality is made up of hundreds of different parts. These parts do not necessarily like each other, agree with each other, or even know about each other.

  • There are two main types of parts. These are known as Managers and Exiles.

  • Exiles are parts of us that got shut away when we were younger. They were shut away because their lives were too hurtful, too scary, or they were just not accepted by the people around them.

  • Managers are there to protect those exiled parts from any further harm. They might sometimes seem to do crazy things BUT THEY ALWAYS HAVE A GOOD INTENTION.

  • What if you could "rescue" your exiled parts, and let the managers retire from their crazy, hectic jobs?

  • That is the magic of IFS. Once your managers have eased up, and your exiles feel safe again, then you just don’t have a trigger anymore… It’s gone.

Can you do IFS on your own?

You can do IFS on your own, but it is best to learn how to do it first. Once you know how, there are some great FREE guided IFS session that you can do.

The Path Meditation - Richard Schwart

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